InnoDB is a popular storage engine for the MySQL relational database management system. It’s an alternative to the default MyISAM engine and it has numerous advantages which make it the engine of choice for many PHP script-driven software apps, among them Joomla and Magento, which have switched to InnoDB permanently. For instance, adding enormous amounts of data will be much faster with InnoDB, because it locks only a single database row to execute a given task, not the entire table, which makes the engine ideal for scalable apps. It also supports foreign keys and database transactions – these refer to the way in which the information is tackled. Simply put, appending new or modifying existing data will either be fully completed, or will be aborted and the operation will be rolled back in case any problem shows up in the meantime, which means that the content that remains in the database will not be lost.

InnoDB in Cloud Hosting

Every open-source script-powered web app that requires InnoDB will run flawlessly on our leading-edge cloud web hosting platform and the database engine comes with all our cloud hosting plans. Every time you create a database manually or our app installer tool creates one automatically and an app installation is initiated, the engine that the database will make use of will be selected in accordance with the app’s prerequisites without having to modify any setting in your web hosting account. InnoDB will be selected automatically for any app that requires this particular engine and you will be able to get the most out of its full capacity. We’ll store daily content backups, so in case you unintentionally delete a MySQL database that you need or you overwrite certain parts of it, we’ll be able to restore everything the way it was just several hours ago.