IonCube Loader is a software instrument, that is needed to run files that are encrypted with ionCube PHP Encoder. The latter is an application used to make PHP code human unreadable, so as to protect it from reverse engineering or not authorized usage. Many script-driven apps, especially online forums, cms and e-commerce solutions are protected with ionCube PHP Encoder, so if you acquire a script and you find that ionCube is one of the hosting environment prerequisites, you need to make sure that your hosting server has the tool pre-installed. Though it's not that hard to install it if you have your own server, it is almost impossible to do that on a shared web hosting server because the PHP environment shall have to be precompiled and all the clients on the server will be affected.

IonCube in Cloud Hosting

When you obtain a cloud hosting plan through our company, it will be created on our in-house made cloud hosting platform where ionCube Loader is already present, so you won't have any problems to manage any script application that requires the instrument so as to function properly. We also provide a few different versions of PHP, so in case you change the version, you'll need to enable ionCube once again. Our system remembers the changes you make, and when you switch back to the previous version of PHP that was active for your account, ionCube Loader will already be enabled. The PHP version and the ionCube instrument can be operated through the PHP Configuration section of our Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Every change that you make takes literally just a single click and it will take effect without delay.