Every time you purchase a brand new cloud hosting plan, it is created on a server and the process usually takes a while, in addition to the validation and processing of the fee, which a lot of companies perform manually. When you order a dedicated server, for instance, the configuration takes longer because the machine needs to be assembled, installed and tested in order to warrant that it will work efficiently. By reason of this, numerous suppliers have a one-time fee in order to cover the time and efforts devoted to your new account. The fee, which sometimes is quite high, is generally not displayed on the main page, still you will see it on the checkout or payment page, which means that you won't be familiar with it before you've already gone through the whole signup process and you can even miss it unless you pay close attention.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

When you get a cloud hosting plan from our company, the final price that you'll have to pay during the checkout will be exactly the same as the price you have already noticed on our main page and on any other page on our website. The payment processing as well as the account creation on our cutting-edge cloud hosting system are close to fully automated, so we believe that charging you any kind of installation fees whatsoever is very unreasonable. Even if you order several accounts at a time, you will not be required to spend anything for the installation or for any other concealed costs for that matter. It's our belief that being honest to each customer from the very beginning is far more beneficial than obtaining a few more dollars.